Dear resident, happy Easter … you’ve been awesome!

Council would like to wish residents a very happy Easter and thank you for your awesome response to measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus in our community.

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SMBI Integrated Local Transport Plan

The Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) Integrated Local Transport Plan (ILTP) provides strategic direction for transport planning on the bay islands.

The ILTP focuses on delivering efficient and effective transport infrastructure and services for the SMBI communities.

The guiding principle of the ILTP is to improve accessibility and connectivity between the islands and the mainland.  It also informs land use planning and development.

While the SMBI ILTP remains a current strategic plan, transport planning across the SMBI is being undertaken as part of Council's broader transport planning for Redland City.

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Supporting studies and submissions

Several important studies informed the review of the SMBI ILTP, including:

Various submissions were also considered during the review process for the plan, including: