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Election signs

The Council regulates the display of election signs in accordance with the Subordinate Local Law 1.4 - Installation of Advertising Devices both during and outside an election period.

Election sign usage and regulations

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An election sign is defined as a sign or poster that is able, or is intended to:

  • influence a person about voting at any government election
  • affect the result of any government election.

Election signs are generally considered temporary signs and usually need to be:

  • mobile in nature e.g. corflute signs on stakes
  • temporary in duration, being not designed or intended for permanent display

When erected on private property, you must gain the occupier's consent prior to display of the election sign.

Outside an election period

You don't need a licence to display an election sign outside an election period. However, an election sign must at all times not:

  • adversely affect public safety,
  • inappropriately impact on the use and enjoyment of land,
  • excessively affect the visual amenity of an area,
  • be erected on public land - unless part of a manned information booth, or
  • be illuminated.

During an election period

Providing the principles of public safety, visual amenity, proper use and enjoyment of land and publicly owned land are respected, election signs during an election period will:

  • not be unreasonably restricted in the number or size of signs able to be displayed, noting the building approval requirements listed below,
  • not be restricted to the candidate's division or electorate,
  • not be restricted in election sign content, providing the content reasonably relates to the candidate.

Display of signs at polling booths

  • Candidates must ensure pedestrian and vehicle access to a polling place is not inhibited by election signs.
  • Signs must be in direct control of a person providing election information at the polling place.

Election signs must contain appropriate authorisation as required under the relevant electoral laws. 

Signs placed on motor vehicles must comply with all requirements of the Queensland Police and Department of Transport and Main Roads. Penalties may apply if a sign makes a vehicle non-roadworthy or defective.

The Council will not regulate election signs on motor vehicles, except to ensure compliance with regulated parking requirements, including being parked in a position that may adversely affect public safety.

Election signs can't be located on a road reserve or Council land, either outside or during an election period.

However, candidates may have signs associated with information booths on road sides or parks, provided:

  • the booths are manned and do not create a traffic or pedestrian hazard, and
  • no more than four (4) signs are located within six (6) metres of the booth.

These booths are not permitted on median strips or roundabouts, or within 10m of an intersection.

Certain signs may require a development permit for building works in accordance with the Planning Act 2016 and the Building Act 1975.

This is usually required for all sign structures that are either:

  • freestanding and over two (2) metres in height from ground level,
  • freestanding and greater than 1.2 metres in width, or
  • signs that form a separate structure when attached to an existing building or structure.

Building works approval may be obtained from a private certifier.

The Council may undertake compliance action if the display of an election sign:

  • adversely affects public safety,
  • inappropriately impacts on the use and enjoyment of land,
  • excessively affects the visual amenity of an area, or
  • is erected on public land - unless part of a manned information booth or polling place.

The Council will investigate complaints about election signs which are alleged to conflict with the above requirements. Public safety issues will be prioritised. Compliance action could include impounding signs, issuing notices and/or issuing on-the-spot fines.

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