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Role of your Council

Australia has three levels of government – federal, state and local. Redland City Council is one of Queensland’s 77 councils.

Councils are made up of people who work with, and for, their local communities. They form an elected body that is responsible for the good rule and local government of their areas. 

Redlands Coast has a popularly-elected mayor and 10 divisional councillors elected every four years by their community. They are elected to make decisions on behalf of the local community, in the best interests of the whole community.

Councils have the power to raise revenue (rates and other income streams), provide and maintain infrastructure and services, regulate activities (eg building development) and impose penalties if local regulations are breached (local laws).

Every council employs a chief executive officer (CEO), who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the council and makes sure all council decisions are carried out.

The council CEO and employees advise the elected members, and carry out the council's decisions.

If you have an inquiry about a council service or require council assistance, please contact council on 3829 8999.

Role of your Council brochure [PDF, 1MB]