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Our crest and logo

RCC Crest

The Council Crest

The Council Crest was commissioned in 1976, when then Shire Chairman EG Wood wrote to the Duke of Norfolk. He in turn ordered its preparation by the representatives of the Garter, Clarenceaux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms, who sealed the design as belonging exclusively to Redland Shire Council (sic) on July 8, 1977.

Each section of the crest has a meaning: 

  • the tree at the top - represents the Poinciana trees which grow in the area
  • the ship - represents Matthew Flinders' Sloop, the 'Norfolk', in which he explored the southern part of Moreton Bay in 1799
  • the lighthouse - is the old Cleveland Lighthouse, which was a landmark and a working light until it was replaced in February, 1976. Redland City Council has preserved this lighthouse at Cleveland Point. The old light from the top is now housed at the Council Chambers. The lens was made in England by Chance Brothers and Company, near Birmingham, England, in 1875
  • the island in the background - represents North Stradbroke Island
  • Gladiolus spikes in the lower portion - represent the Shire's strong horticultural base and the cornucopia is discharging a colourful array of fruit and vegetables which have been traditionally grown in the Redlands
  • Latin inscription at the foot of the crest - means 'Crescat' May it Grow - 'Floreat' May it Flourish.

Redland City Council logo

Redland City Council Logo

This council logo was adopted in 1995 as part of Vision 2005, a community consultation process which developed a blueprint for the future growth of the Redlands.

The logo showcases the aspects of our area that Redlanders say they treasure most:

  • clean air
  • islands
  • foreshore
  • bushland
  • sailboats to celebrate the bayside lifestyle.

The Redlands' rich wildlife is depicted by the koala - cleverly formed from the other design elements.

Corporate colours

The logo colours have great meaning to the local community:

  • red for the red soil and Poinciana blossoms.
  • green for our abundant bushland
  • blue for beautiful Moreton Bay
  • yellow for our extensive foreshores.

Our visual identity presents a progressive and forward-looking organisation through the use of striking colours and clean, contemporary lines.