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Coochiemudlo Island

Coochiemudlo Island (Goochie Mudlo)

Affectionately known as Coochie, this small sub-tropical island with an Emerald Fringe of lush bushland is just a short passenger ferry or vehicle ferry ride from Victoria Point. The island is only 5sq km, so there is no need for visitors to take a car – just pack a picnic and go for a walk. This predominantly residential island also boasts significant natural areas and wildlife.

Coochiemudlo's peaceful atmosphere and stunning views have inspired many artists and a range of arts and crafts are on offer at the regular Coochie Markets. 

Being so close to the mainland, the island has protected waters and shallow beaches, making the beautiful golden sandy Main Beach a great place for the kids to swim.

You can throw in a line or stroll through the melaleuca wetlands. Or, if you’re looking for fun on the water, you can hire a barbeque boat or tinnie.

There’s also the scenic and compact Isle of Coochie Golf Course which offers a unique nine-hole playing course.



The island has a range of accommodation including a resort, cottages and holiday homes. More information is available at the Redlands Coast Visitor Information Centre.

There is no camping on Coochiemudlo Island.


There is a couple of eateries on the island. The nearest major shopping precincts are Victoria Point Shopping Centre and Town Centre Victoria Point, which straddle Cleveland-Redland Bay Road.

Schools and colleges

Victoria Point State High School and Victoria Point State School service this area, which is also home to St Rita’s Catholic Primary School and Faith Lutheran College. Carmel College, a Catholic high school, is a little further down the road at Thornlands.

Getting there

Daily passenger and vehicle ferries run regularly between the island and Victoria Point. The nearest train station is Cleveland. Transdev Queensland operates regular bus services from Victoria Point. 


Coochiemudlo Island, affectionately known as Coochie, is the hidden gem of the Redlands Coast, our often-overlooked island – our ‘Tasmania’. It appears that Aboriginal people had not lived permanently on the island but visited it on a regular basis, colleting shellfish and other bush foods. Their occupation is evidenced in the stone tools, including scrapers, faceted stones and grindstones which have been found in the tidal flats on all sides of the island.

The Island’s history records a visit by explorer Matthew Flinders on 19 July 1799 during his search for a river in southern Moreton Bay. The first white settlers on the island lived in a permanent campsite under the cotton tree on the south-east corner of the island from 1895 after learning about bush tucker from the local aboriginals camped at Eprapah. Their camp was the site of aboriginal fish traps from earlier times. The Island’s ‘Emerald Fringe’ was added to Redland City Council’s schedule of local heritage places in 2019, thereby recognising the significance of the fringe to Redlands Coast heritage. The fringe is a natural green zone that encircles the island.

Find out more through the Redlands Coast History library catalogue.

Your councillor

Coochiemudlo Island is in Division 4 (Cr Lance Hewlett).

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Visit the popular parks on Coochiemudlo Island.