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Redland Bay Cemetery


19-27 Gordon Road, Redland Bay, QLD 4165

Map of Redland Bay Cemetery [PDF, 0.42KB]


Allotment sites

Redland Bay Cemetery has two standard allotment sizes offered for burials in our newly established monumental section and three lawn burial areas:

  • 1.8m deep grave (accommodates two adults)
  • 2.1m deep grave (accommodates three adults – additional fee and conditions apply).

Sites can be purchased for future use (pre-need) or for immediate use (at need) and may also include ash burial.

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Headstones and monumental work

You may have a headstone or monumental work built on allotments that are not located in designated packaged and non-packaged lawn areas. 

Monumental work is to be carried out on designated monumental sites only. All headstones and monuments must comply with Australian Standard AS 4204-1994 Headstone and Cemetery Monuments.

Contact a stonemason to arrange a headstone or monument and to submit a plan of the proposed works to Council for approval with the relevant permit application fee. 

Packaged lawn burial sites

There are two designated lawn package burial sections in the cemetery. A lawn cemetery plaque affixed to an elegant granite base is included with a coffin interment (one plaque per allotment site only). Contact one of our helpful Cemetery and Interment Services staff for full details and inclusions for a packaged lawn burial site.

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Cremation options

Columbarium walls

Cremation ashes in the columbarium walls are interred in a single or double niche. A memorial plaque is included in the ash interment to cover the niche opening and is available to order through Council.

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Memorial Circle Garden

The Memorial Circle Garden has provision for single or double ash capacity. The memorial pillars are set amongst aromatic garden beds of rosemary and fragrant gardenia ground cover. Cast bronze memorial plaques, provided by Council, are placed on timeless sandstone memorial pillars. The gardens are maintained free of any additional maintenance fee. The Tuckeroo tree provides dappled shade for visitors to enjoy spending time remembering family and friends.


Naturally Wonderful Eco Scatter Garden

Set amongst a variety of native koala habitat trees, ‘Naturally Wonderful’ is a tranquil place to grieve, reflect and honour your loved one.

‘Naturally Wonderful’ encompasses important conservation values, making it the most natural cremation interment possible. 

  • Cremated remains are poured directly into the earth, instead of the interment of the PVC capsule provided by the crematorium. 
  • The memorial trees are planted for the purpose of environmental offsets, helping balance the impacts of development. 
  • The welcoming sign and memorial timber pillars are sustainable ironbark with a durability rating 1, sourced from a local supplier. The pillars feature bronze memorial plaques made of mostly recycled materials by foundries, who also value lowering their carbon footprint by offering plaque recycling programs.

Individual cremated remains are placed at the base of the nominated tree. Up to 10 interments per tree will occur, with individual plaques placed on a timber pillar located at the tree.

Cremation interments will occur monthly, conducted respectfully by our experienced cemetery officers to provide the most economical option for the community. Alternatively, individual witness interment ceremonies can be arranged (additional fees apply).

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a picture of the first Eco Scatter Garden interment

The White family were the first ones to inter their loved ones' ashes in the new Eco Scatter Garden in October 2022.

Read how Ruth and Joseph White were lovingly honoured in the White Family Testimonial [PDF, 14.8 KB]

All cremation allotments can be reserved in advance. Pre-payment of ash interment fees is not currently available.

For more information, please contact us on (07) 3829 8570 or email us at