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Redland Bay Cemetery

Redland Bay Cemetery offers lawn cemetery burials and standard burial plots - with or without monumental memorialisation. 

Map of Redland Bay Cemetery [PDF 0.6MB]


19-27 Gordon Road, Redland Bay, QLD 4165

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Grave sites

Two standard grave sizes are offered for burials in the monumental and lawn cemeteries:

  • 1.8m deep grave (accommodates two adults).
  • 2.1m deep grave (accommodates three adults).

Sites may also include ash burial.

Monuments, headstones and grave work

You may have a monumental, granite or marble headstone and grave work built on graves that are not located in the designated lawn areas. 

All monuments, headstones and grave work must comply with Australian standard AS 4204-1994 Headstones and Cemetery Monuments.

Contact a stonemason to arrange a monument or headstone. Submit a plan of the proposed works to Council with the application fee. 

Lawn cemetery plaques

A lawn cemetery plaque may also be placed at a grave site in the lawn cemetery, along with other memorial tributes and small plants and bushes. Council can arrange a plaque on request.

Cremation Remains

Columbarium walls

Cremation remains in the columbarium walls are stored in a single or double niche. A memorial plaque to cover the niche opening is available to order through Council.

Niches can be reserved in advance. 

Families may request to be present for the interment of ashes in columbarium walls.

Rock garden memorial

You may scatter or bury cremation remains beneath small rocks in the garden areas of the cemetery grounds.

Memorial plaques are affixed to the rocks and is provided by Council.