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Cleveland Cemetery


53-71 Wellington Street, Cleveland QLD 4163 (entrance via Russell Street)

Map of Cleveland Cemetery 2022 [PDF, 0.43KB]


Lawn Allotment sites

Cleveland Cemetery has two lawn burial sections along Russell Street and our new Clark Street Lawn burial allotments. All lawn burial allotments are now reserved. Cremated remains can be interred into burial allotments. Pre-payment of burial (interment) fees is not currently available.                            No Image Selected       No Image Selected

Monumental Allotment sites

All monumental burial allotments are now reserved. Monumental sites may also include:

  • above-ground vault (subject to Council approval)
  • underground concrete vault (subject to Council approval)
  • cremation remains burial.

Pre-payment of burial (interment) fees is not currently available.

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Headstones and monumental work

You have a choice of either headstone or lawn plaque placed at a lawn burial site. Monuments are to be built on designated monumental sites only. All headstones and monuments must comply with Australian Standard AS 4204-1994 Headstone and Cemetery Monuments.

Contact a stonemason to arrange a headstone or monument and to submit a plan of the proposed works to Council for approval with the relevant permit application fee. 

Council can arrange cast bronze lawn plaques affixed to your choice of base on request (conditions and fees apply).

Cremation options

Randall Memorial walls

The Randall Memorial Garden has recently undergone a complete transformation with elegant white granite wall niches set in a quartz garden setting. One set of cremation ashes may be interred into each niche, and a cast bronze memorial plaque affixed to the granite cover is included with every ash interment.

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Columbarium walls

Cremation ashes in our traditional columbarium brick walls are interred in a single or double niche. A memorial plaque is included in the ash interment to cover the niche opening and is available to order through Council.

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Lychgate niche walls

Our newly built reproduction Lychgate with niche walls offers a choice of elegant single or double white granite cremation niches. Cast bronze memorial plaques are included with the interment of ashes and is available through Council.

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All niches can be reserved in advance. Pre-payment of ash interment fees is currently not available.

Our cemeteries administration team can help with enquiries about burial records.

For more information, please contact us on (07) 3829 8570 or email us at