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Walking and cycling routes

Walking and cycling are great ways to stay active and explore Redlands Coast. With so many accessible footpaths, cycleways and trails, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy both on and off-road walking and cycling.

Find your way around

Use the Cycling and Walking Guide [PDF 2.8MB] to help you find your way around Redlands Coast.

The guide contains:

  • a map of dedicated walking and cycling routes
  • transport and travel information
  • island cycling advice
  • safety tips for pedestrians and cyclists
  • a list of signs and signals to know
  • a list of bicycle shops in Redlands Coast

Commuter trails

Redlands Coast is a safe place to commute, with many dedicated walking and cycling paths and road bike lanes. Paths and tracks connect to bus, train, ferry and barge terminals.

Recreational trails

Take a walk or ride along our recreational trails and enjoy the bay breeze while you explore the area's natural features.

Along recreational trails you'll find:

  • bushland
  • creeks and waterways
  • foreshore and mainland reserves
  • conservation and wildlife areas
  • bay islands
  • off-road terrain and tracks.

While you're out, stop to enjoy some of the many things to do in Redlands Coast, including:

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