Designing safe spaces | Redland City Council

Designing safe spaces

Council is committed to providing public spaces that are safe, secure and free from the fear of crime.

Principles for safer design

The following urban design principles help us to prevent crime and improve safety:

Natural surveillance

Council designs public spaces with intent to have walkways and public infrastructure within clear view from neighbouring roads and residents. This assists in providing natural surveillance over the area and encourages residents to support police & Council in reporting suspicious activity or illegitimate use. Council works closely with Queensland Police to respond to public areas and detect illegal activities within our parks and reserves. Natural surveillance helps legitimate users feel safer and decreases the anonymity of illegitimate users. Surveillance methods may be natural, organised or mechanical and include observation, security patrols and security cameras.

Access control

Council controls access to target areas by guiding legitimate users through a space, highlighting entrances and exits and denying access to areas that are off-limits.

Territorial reinforcement

Council designs spaces to include physical features that clearly mark private, semi-private and public space. Knowing who owns an area helps users quickly detect and report illegitimate use.

Management and maintenance

Council manages and maintains spaces to make it clear that they are owned and cared for. Well-managed spaces help users feel safe and secure, and reduce illegitimate use. 

Council policy ensures we incorporate these design principles when we plan, design, construct, manage or maintain the urban environment.

How we monitor safety

If an area is attracting crime or disorder, Council will conduct safety audit to identify what environmental design modifications can improve safety. Changes often include improvements to:

  • lighting
  • landscaping
  • pedestrian movement
  • access
  • lines of sight
  • physical security.

We seek a range of views to inform a safety audit and its recommendations, including views of residents.

Report an issue

If you're concerned that a public area is not safe, report it to or phone our Community Safety Officer on 07 3829 8999. You can also talk to your local Councillor.

Lighting on council property

Council maintains all non-standard lighting, such as park lighting, bollards and streetscape lights. To report a fault or issue with these lights, phone 07 3829 8999.

New streetlights

To request a new streetlight, get together with your neighbours and email the request to Tell us the address or location, and the number of a nearby existing pole.

Attach a signed consent from all neighbours who could be affected by the light.

Streetlight faults and repairs

To report a faulty streetlight, contact Energex on 13 12 53.