Child safety | Redland City Council

It is an unfortunate reality that children can be victims of crime. To protect children, it is important to teach them about personal safety while creating a safe community environment.

What to teach children

Teach your child that they have the right to feel safe all the time by: 

  • explaining the early warning signs they might experience when they feel unsure, such as sweaty palms, butterflies in their stomach, or shaky knees
  • ensuring they know they should tell an adult whenever they experience these feelings
  • encouraging and helping them to develop a network of at least five adults they trust, and tell one of these adults if something is wrong.

Get information and brochures explaining how you can talk to your children about protective behaviours at Police stations or the Daniel Morcombe foundation.

Safety around schools

Keeping children safe

To keep children safe around schools: 

  • slow down when driving near schools
  • observe school zone signs
  • look out for children riding bikes, crossing roads, getting off buses and out of cars
  • stop your vehicle for children crossing if orange school crossing flags are displayed
  • remind children on the way to school how they can stay safe on and near the roads at school
  • walk young children to their bus stop until they are familiar with the route
  • teach young children how to board a bus safely (stay away from the kerb), which bus to catch, and where and how to get off the bus
  • never call your child across the road to meet you – always walk across a road to meet them. 

See more child safety information on the Queensland Government website.

Crime at schools

If you notice crime or suspicious behaviour after hours at school, report it to the School Watch program by phoning 13 17 88. Schools involved in the School Watch program can be identified by a sign on their front gate.

The School Watch program is a partnership between Department of Education and Queensland Police Service (Protective Services) that works towards reducing vandalism, theft and arson in schools.

Get involved in neighbourhood safety

Join the Neighbourhood Watch program and meet with your neighbours to help improve the safety of your local neighbourhood. For information about how to get involved contact the Queensland Police Service Bayside Crime Prevention Office.