Graffiti and vandalism | Redland City Council

Graffiti and vandalism

Redland City Council removes graffiti and addresses vandalism on council-owned property.

Council will also remove publicly viewable graffiti from private property on request from the public if both:

  • the property owner hasn't removed the graffiti within two weeks of notification
  • the graffiti is located on publicly accessible surfaces that face major roads, regional and district parks.

All other graffiti on private property is the land owner's responsibility. However, Council does record and report graffiti incidents to authorities.

Quick removal

We advise land owners to remove graffiti as quickly as possible, preferably within 24 hours.

Rapid removal limits the exposure and admiration a vandal receives, and reduces the likelihood of further vandalism in the area. 

Report graffiti

To help reduce graffiti and vandalism, you can report incidents using:

Once you register with VandalTrak, you can report graffiti locations via the app and upload photos.

If you don't have a smartphone, phone 3829 8999 to tell us about graffiti incidents. Include as much information as you can to help identify the graffiti and its location.