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Needles, syringes and sharps

Many community members need to use sharps such as needles, syringes and lancets. If you use or find sharps, it is important to handle and dispose of them safely to protect yourself and the community from injury and infection.

How to dispose of sharps safely

At home

When at home, place sharps in a rigid-walled container. Seal and dispose of the container in a regular wheelie bin (never in a recycling bin). Never mix sharps in with general household waste.

You can also dispose of personal use needles and syringes in sharps bins at:

  • Recycling and Waste Centres (provide proof of residency on arrival, such as your driver's licence)
  • Redlands Hospital
  • some pharmacies.

In public

If you inject in public, place your sharps in a council sharps bin. These bins are fitted to selected public amenities in Redland City.

Find sharps disposal locations in Redland City 

Commercial use

Commercial and medical operators should make separate arrangements to dispose of sharps.

What to do if you find sharps

If you find sharps or needles in the community, don't try to remove them or their containers by yourself.

Instead, place an object on or around the sharps to alert others. Contact council and tell us the exact location of the sharps:Council's trained staff will remove the sharps.

Sharps on private property

If you find needles, syringes or sharps on private property, contact the Clean Needle Helpline on 1800 633 353 for advice on how to handle and dispose of the sharps.

Needle stick injuries

Advice to help you treat needle stick injuries is available from the Queensland Government website.