Age Friendly Cities Survey Report 2018

Seniors water aerobics

Ageing is changing, people are living longer healthier lives than ever before. Council values the contribution older people make to our community and recognises it has a key role to play in ensuring older people can continue to participate and live active and fulfilling lives as they age. Council has started the journey towards becoming an 'age friendly city'. The concept of 'Age friendly' cities was developed by the World Health Organisation, and it recognises that the physical and social environments where people live can have a significant impact on their health and wellbeing as they age.

As part of the community engagement undertaken to inform development of the strategy Council asked 100 residents aged between 55 years and 95 years about their experiences of living and ageing in the Redlands. This information helps to identify the cities strengths and any barriers to active ageing which will inform and shape development of the strategy.