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Redland Animal Shelter

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Redland City Council’s animal shelter provides a safe environment for homeless, lost or abandoned animals. Our lost and found animal service helps minimise the risk to our pets and any adverse impact on the community and the environment by keeping lost animals off the streets.

Animals that are surrendered or impounded and not claimed by their owners are given a second chance to find a new family through our adoption program.

Lost animals

To search for your pet you can: 

  • Conduct an online search of lost and found animals at the animal shelter. If your animal is on the list, claim it as soon as possible. If your lost animal is not listed online, you can still contact us to register your details
  • Contact RSPCA and local vets.

Reporting a lost pet

If you have lost your pet, contact the animal shelter as soon as possible to record your animal on our lost and found register. You will need to provide the following information:

  • your name and contact details
  • your pet’s name
  • your pet’s registration number 
  • a description of your pet 
  • where and when your pet was last seen
  • your pet's microchip number (if applicable).

The lost and found register is updated daily and includes details of all animals which have been notified to Council as being lost, found or impounded. We will search the register to determine if your animal has been found, however, we recommend you contact us to confirm your pet is not at the shelter.

Collecting your pet from our shelter

Council officers will make every effort to find a lost animal's owner and arrange collection from the shelter. 

  • Dogs and cats that are not able to be identified e.g. with no microchip or no registration tag, are kept at the animal shelter for a minimum period of three (3) days.
  • Dogs and cats that are able to be identified e.g. with a microchip or registration tag, are kept at the shelter for a minimum period of five (5) days.

If the animal's owner has not been located at the end of these periods, the animal may be re-homed through our adoption program.

When you come to the shelter to collect your pet, you will need to:

  • quote the impound number
  • show identification  if you are picking the animal up on behalf of its owner, you will need a letter of authority (or verify with the owner over the phone) before the animal can be released
  • pay a release fee  additional fees may be charged to cover the time your pet has spent in the pound. Release fees cover some of the costs associated with Council rescuing your animal and attempting to reunite you with your animal
  • pay a registration fee – if your animal is currently unregistered.

Found animals

If you find a lost animal, please contain it somewhere safe. Find out what to do next from the list below.

  • It is healthy: Report the animal to the animal shelter. We can assist by housing the animal and contacting the owner if it's registered with Council.
  • It is sick or injured: Call RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or take the animal to a vet.
  • It is deceased: Visit our report an animal problem page for more information on how to manage this situation.

Volunteer program now closed

Redland City Council's shelter volunteer program is no longer in operation. 

Adoption service

Animals that are surrendered or impounded and not claimed by their owner are given a second chance to find a new family through our adoption program.

View the dogs available for adoption and cats available for adoption online. 

Animal shelter contact details

Phone: (07) 3829 8663
264 South Street
Thornlands QLD 4164

Operating hours

Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm
Sunday: 9am – 12pm

After hours emergencies

After business hours the animal shelter phone number will divert to Council’s after hours emergency number.

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