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Security at work

Workplace security protects customers, staff and property. Whether you're a business owner or an employee, you can do your part to improve security in your workplace.

To improve your security at work:

  • never give your personal details to customers and remove your identification when you leave work
  • keep your personal belongings out of sight and in a locked drawer if possible
  • check the identification of people loitering around work premises, especially if they claim they are there for a reason (e.g. repairs)
  • report suspicious activity
  • develop a policy on handling money and make staff aware of it
  • if you transport money, take a colleague or security guard with you and vary your route
  • never make it obvious that you are carrying money
  • put all rubbish in a secured bin
  • install security equipment such as mirrors, CCTV and alarms
  • keep lighting outside your premises in working order
  • trim trees and shrubs to enhance surveillance footage and reduce hiding spots.