We #pledgenot2sledge

The #PledgeNot2Sledge campaign is designed to encourage greater respect on social media.

Bullying, violence and hateful behaviour online is a significant social problem, affecting communities all around the world.  The complexity of the problem sees it stretch across all sectors of the community and people of all ages. Recent tragic losses highlighted in media have shown the devastating impact of negative online interactions.

The #PledgeNot2Sledge campaign uses the power of the community to create a social expectation regarding how we interact on social media.  

How you can help increase respect on social media:

  1. Display the #PledgeNot2Sledge banner and profile images on your social media pages.
  2. If you see instances of disrespect, abuse or bullying on social media comment with #PledgeNot2Sledge and link to this web page. Do not engage beyond this with negative or disrespectful social media comments.
  3. Share the campaign with your friends and family and encourage them to take the #PledgeNot2Sledge
  4. Shoot a short video committing to not sledging on social media and upload using the campaign hashtag #PledgeNot2Sledge
  5. Most importantly: don’t disrespect, sledge or abuse anyone on social media, together we can make a difference.

Need help?

For more information about cyberbullying and to report cyberbullying, visit the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website

If you or someone you know needs help contact: