Meet our team - Aimee | Redland City Council

Meet our team - Aimee

Aimee – Operational Health and Safety Programs Coordinator

Meet our team - Aimee

After travelling the world, Aimee realised the best place to grow her career was right here at Redland City Council

Aimee’s passport is a colourful tribute to all the countries she’s visited – 35, no less! Yet, beautiful Redlands Coast is, and always will be, her home. As Redland City Council’s Operational Health and Safety Programs Coordinator, Aimee is proud to be giving back to the vibrant community she grew up in.

Coming full circle

Like many young adults, Aimee was eager to spread her wings and explore the world. She bid farewell to her home on the Redlands Coast in her early 20s, embarking on an overseas odyssey  

Aimee learned some rich life lessons during her travels. Yet the lesson that resonated the most was the importance of community.

Aimee had been living and working in Fernie, a small ski town in British Columbia, Canada, when COVID-19 hit.

“Fernie was amazing – it was like living in a Christmas card,” Aimee says.

“It had such a small-town community vibe; everyone looked out for each other. Moving back to Australia was a challenge, but it was a chance to really think about what I wanted to do. I decided my goal was to work at Redland City Council and make a difference in the community I grew up in.”

Aimee joined our Tourism team in January 2022, greeting locals and visitors at our Raby Bay Visitor Information Centre. She quickly identified an opportunity to make an even greater impact on her community and career, and successfully applied for our Operational Health and Safety Programs Coordinator role.

Now, 15 years after she first left Redlands Coast, Aimee has come full circle – and she says she’s right where she’s meant to be.

“I’m so passionate about the Redlands Coast. We are just a tiny dot on the map, but we are such a beautiful part of the world. It’s my backyard, and I love telling people I work at Redland City Council.”

Balance, opportunity and growth

As part of our Health, Safety and Wellbeing team, Aimee coordinates first aid, CPR, mental health and professional development training for all Council employees.

“Our team makes sure everybody is happy and safe in their role. We’re a vibrant team that makes a real, meaningful difference in people’s working lives. I feel proud to be part of their journey as they serve the Redlands Coast community.”

Aimee balances working from home with days in the office as she collaborates with her team.

“The people I work with are wonderful. This is a new career path for me, but I’ve had great support from my manager, Shannon, and the rest of my team.”

Aimee has honed her leadership skills with our Mates to Manager program and is seizing every opportunity to grow.

“Working at Council has really taken me by surprise. Every day is different, and it’s a great place to advance your career and make a difference in your community.”

Expand your horizon

On the weekends, Aimee is a self-described “hometown tourist”, revisiting all the places of her youth. She looks forward to absorbing as many learning opportunities as she can at Council and broadening her horizons right here in her hometown.

Aimee’s advice for anyone considering a career at Redland City Council?

“Keep an open mind. You can take your career in so many directions at Council. You just need to be passionate about your goals and come to work every day ready for new opportunities.”