Ormiston koala safe neighbourhood

Koala conservation campaign

Looks like you've seen me around Redlands Coast. To keep us safer all year round, and not just at breeding time, check out the Ormiston koala conservation safe neighbourhood. This area has a longstanding koala population and now forms part of Council's city-wide koala conservation activities. Koalas do travel; in fact, we can travel anywhere up to 10km, and we use stepping stone trees, shade trees and food trees to help us on our way. As you can see from this map, under the right circumstances and with the right conditions we could easily travel from one end of Ormiston to the other - if needed. To help us move around safely we need your help to create koala friendly backyards and roads, so if we do drop by on our way somewhere we won’t meet any harm. The Ormiston koala safe neighbourhood is a community project designed to help to protect and retain an important population of urban koalas.

Ormiston Koala SafeNeighbourhood Map