Council's response to climate change

Redland City Council's response to climate change

Photo: Daniel Ameer-Beg

Council is actively reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

We are aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 per cent on 1998 levels by 2050. This is a reduction of roughly 5 per cent per year.

We are doing this through energy efficiency measures, conservation of energy, fuel efficient technology in the fleet, replacement of appliances with highest star ratings.

Council is adapting early to climate change through:

  • Understanding and researching how the Redlands might feel the impacts of climate change
  • Developing options to avoid or lessen impacts in areas of disaster management, building design, planning, fleet management and education
  • Continuous risk management to strengthen the Redlands' resilience to climate change.

Our vision is outlined in our report:

Confronting our climate future [PDF 2MB] 

Further information:

Redland City Council Corporate Plan 2018 -2023 [PDF 1MB]

Redlands 2030 Community Plan [PDF 5.5MB]