The Redlands 2030 Community Plan [PDF 5MB] is our community’s long-term plan for creating a better future, forged from thousands of contributions of local residents, businesses and organisations. The plan was adopted in April 2010 and expresses shared visions and values that inform civic planning in the Redlands towards 2030. 

Long term vision

"In 2030, the Redlands will be a well-designed, vibrant city of mainland and island communities, each with distinctive character, heritage and lifestyles. Our shared values will shape the way we care for each other and how we protect the land, seas and waters where we choose to be." (Redlands 2030 Community Plan)

Vision outcome areas

Expanding on the long term overarching vision, the Redlands 2030 Community Plan details eight vision outcome areas that are considered vital for the future of the Redlands. 

  1. Healthy natural environment
  2. Green living
  3. Embracing the bay
  4. Quandamooka Country
  5. Wise planning and design
  6. Supportive and vibrant economy
  7. Strong and connected communities
  8. Inclusive and ethical governance

Download the Redlands 2030 Community Plan

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