Other event considerations

There is a lot to think about when you organise an event. Below is a list of some important aspects that Council asks that you consider before you host your event in the Redlands.

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Community safety and security

Community safety and security at events is essential. Different event types, scales and scopes need different levels of security, so you should determine your needs as part of your risk assessment, including crowd control, and cash and equipment protection.

Sign and staff an area for lost children and lost property. If event infrastructure remains at the event site overnight, also engage appropriate security.

All areas of your site must be illuminated clearly, especially access paths and emergency exists. This may require you to provide additional lighting at your own expense.

Consult with the Queensland Police Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Ambulance Service depending on your event’s type, scale and scope. Council and/ or the Queensland Police Service may require you to engage police officers on special duties, security guards or crowd control at your own expense. Please contact Queensland Police Service on 131444 to determine their requirements.

Crowded places, particularly for major events, may require additional safety and security precautions. Suspicious activity including terrorist threats should be considered as part of the event planning process. For further information refer to the Australian National Security website https://www.nationalsecurity.gov.au/Media-and-publications/Publications/Pages/default.aspx.

First aid

First aid services are critical to any event. Council requires that the minimum qualification level is ‘Apply First Aid’.

First aid posts should be properly staffed, equipped and clearly identified so people can easily find them. The number of first aid posts will depend on the size and scale of the event.

Below is a guide to providing first aid services. If the expected attendance at the event is 5000 or more, you must provide first aid room facilities.

Attendees First aid personnel First aid posts
500 2 1
1000 4 1
2000 6 1
5000 8 2

Community awareness

You should consider if your event will affect the surrounding neighbourhood in terms of loud noise from music and audio systems, fireworks or car parking on residential streets.

We recommend that you notify the community in advance and give them a person to contact if they have any queries. You could do this via advertising or a letterbox drop.

Copyright issues

Sound recordings and the composition of musical works are protected under copyright; therefore, you need approval from the owners to play them in public.

To find out whether you need a licence for your use of music, contact either the:

Similarly, you may need to pay a separate licence fee to screen a movie or TV show in public. For more information contact the distributor of the film or TV show.

Signage and advertising

Council regulates signage for events. You may need a permit for any advertising banners or flags, sponsorship signage and other attention-attracting signs that you wish to place on, or make visible from, public land or roads.

Also, any signage placed along a state-controlled road must be approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Note: Signage cannot be erected on electrical poles.

Amusement operators

Ensure all amusement ride operators give Council copies of their certificate of Registrable Plant.

Animal contact amusement operators, such as animal farms or petting zoos, must operate within the Infection Control Guidelines for Animal Contact (Queensland Government).