Carefully consider the appropriateness of the event site for a fireworks display, considering potential environmental and social impacts. Some sites are unsuitable for fireworks displays.

If you decide to include a fireworks display at your event, you must engage a licensed pyrotechnician to conduct the display in line with the Queensland Code of Practice – Control of Outdoor Fireworks Displays.

Please supply a copy of the following to Council:

  • fireworks display notification form (submitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines).
  • fireworks insurance policy
  • fireworks contractor licence
  • fireworks operator’s licence (conducting the show).

Notify the local fire station about the fireworks at least seven days in advance.

Licensed fireworks operators must have a safety management system.

You should obtain a copy of your site-specific safety management plan. The plan includes the details of the exclusion zone for safety purposes.

You are responsible for the security of the exclusion zone around the fireworks during the display. The use of metal equipment is prohibited (mortars, tubes, frames, pickets and stands).