Plan of subdivision

Plan of subdivision (Plan Sealing)

Note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a 3 day quarantine period applies to all over the counter, courier and mail lodgements and this will affect your application timeframes.

Important Note

As a result of Titles Registry Alert – Changes to dealings with Survey Plans – 24 April, 2020, Issue 168 (linked here), as of 26 May 2020, when lodging an Application for Plan of Subdivision Approval, Council will accept an electronic copy of the survey plan, in place of the original plan of survey document, on the proviso that the following is lodged as part of the application:

  • The electronic copy of the survey plan is scanned at 300 dpi
  • The electronic copy of the survey plan is accompanied by the True Copy Certification Letter which has been signed by the surveyor preparing the survey plan. 
  • An electronic copy of the Form 18A Registered Owner/Lessees Consent to Survey Plan, which must be signed by the registered owner/s, if the owner has not signed the Form 21 Survey Plan administration sheet.  Note Form 18A will be necessary if a Form 21B Version 2 administration sheet is utilised.

The assessment process for your application will be undertaken in the usual manner and once the application has been approved, Council will provide its consent to the plan of survey by way of electronically signing a Form 18B Planning Body Approval of Survey Plan.  This will be emailed to the applicant with the Plan of Subdivision Approval letter.  Council will not require you to provide a Form 18B with your application.

Please be aware the original survey plan, the Form 18A and the Form 18B, will need to be lodged in hardcopy with the Titles Registry until DNRME makes available the eLodgement services for survey plans.

While it is Council’s preference to provide its consent to a survey plan electronically, the hardcopy of the original plan of survey document will still be accepted for assessment by Council.

Any supporting Titles Registry documents and Community Management Statements, where required, must still be submitted in hardcopy and must be signed prior to lodging with Council.

The Application for Plan of Subdivision Approval Form and Plan of Subdivision Approval Checklist have been updated to accommodate the changes mentioned above.

Plan of subdivision

Before a new lot can be sold, it must be created and its title registered with the State government. Once you have obtained planning approval for reconfiguring a lot, such as subdivision or boundary realignment, you must:

  • undertake the development in accordance with the conditions of approval
  • pay all applicable infrastructure charges
  • engage a licensed surveyor to prepare a plan of subdivision (also known as a survey plan)
  • submit the plan of subdivision to Council for approval
  • submit the approved plan of subdivision to the Queensland Government Titles Office. Once your plan has registered with the Titles Office, the title is issued under the Land Title Act 1994. You can find further information on the State government titles and valuation processes on the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy website.

Types of plans of subdivision (plan sealing)

Standard format - a standard format plan defines land parcels. The plan must include dimensions and areas. A standard format survey plan may also contain common property for a community titles scheme.

Building format - a building format plan creates lots bounded by structural elements (i.e. buildings). Lots generally are defined by floors, walls and ceilings and contain common property for a community titles scheme.

Volumetric format - a volumetric format plan creates lots that are defined by three-dimensional coordinate geometry and are fully defined by bounding surfaces (for example a cube). The lots may be above, below, or partly above and partly below ground level.


Plans of subdivision are assessed in accordance with Schedule 18 of the Planning Regulation 2017. Criteria includes complying with all development approval conditions and paying all outstanding rates and charges.

Once all criteria have been met, an approval will be issued within 20 business days. If your request does not meet the applicable criteria, Council will issue a non-compliance notice.

To help Council process your plan of subdivision quickly and efficiently, make sure you have complied with all of your development approval conditions and have lodged all relevant documentation and supporting information with, or prior to making, your request.

Lodging your application

To lodge your plan of subdivision with Council, you need to submit:

See Council’s register of fees for fees associated with plan of subdivision approval requests.

You can lodge your application:

More information

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