Local Law 5 – Parking

The purpose of this local law and subordinate local law is to regulate parking in Redland City streets and designated parking areas in order to keep parking accessible, utilise parking spaces more efficiently and improve safety.

Council at the General Meeting held 16 December 2020, resolved to amend Subordinate Local Law No. 5 (Parking) 2015. Website Public Notice Subordinate Local Law No.5 (Parking) 2015) 2020 notification of change provides details of the amendments and their effective dates.

Download the local law:

Download the subordinate local laws:

These local laws are also available for download from the State Government Local Laws database.

What the local law regulates

The local law provides for:

  • establishment of traffic areas and off-street regulated parking areas
  • lawful parking contrary to an indication on an official traffic sign with a parking permit or in a loading zone with a commercial vehicle identification label
  • infringement notice penalties for minor traffic offences.

Prescribed activities regulated

Off-street regulated parking areas

The subordinate local law contains maps of the off-street regulated parking areas across the City. These areas include shopping centres under an agreement with the respective centre management.

Parking permits

Council can issue a number of parking permits to relax parking regulations for permit holders, under specific circumstances. Permits  include:

  • resident parking 
  • community service organisation parking 
  • temporary parking 
  • works zone parking
  • local government works parking
  • visitor parking.

Minor traffic offence infringement notice penalties

Council has certain penalties for minor traffic offences relating to stopping and parking of vehicles. The offence provisions are contained within the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 and can be enforced by Council through powers authorised under that Act. The penalties for offences under the local law are in line with State legislation.