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Local Law 1 – Administration

The purpose of this local law is to provide a legal and procedural framework for Council to administer, implement and enforce local laws and specified regulatory powers under legislation, and to provide for miscellaneous administrative matters.

The subordinate local laws are supplementary and provide for the granting of approvals for prescribed and other activities, and related definitions.

Council at the General Meeting on 5 August 2020, adopted changes to Subordinate Local Law No. 1.8 (Operation of Accommodation Parks) 2015.

Website Public Notice relating to Amending Subordinate Local Law No.1.8 (Operation of Accommodation Parks) 2015) 2020

Council at the General Meeting on 7 October 2020, adopted changes to Subordinate Local Law No. 1.10 (Operation of Public Swimming Pools) 2015 Notification {PDF 0.3MB]

Download the local law:

Download the subordinate local laws:

These local laws are also available for download from the State Government Local Laws database.

What the local law provides for

The local law provides consistent and comprehensive processes for:

  • Council to grant and regulate approvals to undertake prescribed and regulated activities
  • authorised persons (for enforcing local laws)
  • review of certain decisions made under local laws
  • statutory instruments to assist in meeting compliance and enforcement objectives of the local laws
  • mechanisms to undertake legal proceedings
  • administrative provisions relating to fees, abandoned goods and seized and impounded items.