Update: PD Online is soon to be replaced by a new system called Development.i.  Click here to start using Development.i


PD Online is a tool to help you access property information and details of development applications.

Council began publishing documents for planning applications on PD Online in March 2007. Documents lodged before this date are not published and can instead be accessed through a property search.  Alternatively you can request an inspection at one of Council’s customer service centres.  There are also some application types where documents will not appear on PD Online.  These include plumbing and drainage (PD), private certifier building development (BX), and the majority of pre Planning Act 2016 applications for building work assessable against the planning scheme.

You should be aware that Council is bound by the Information Privacy Act 2009 and Planning Act 2016 in terms of information it makes available on PD Online. In accordance with this legislation, Council must publish certain documents, while it has discretion to publish, or is unable to publish others.  For example, submissions made on a development application are published on PD Online and will include the name, address, contact details and signatures of submitters, as permitted under the Planning Act 2016. Read more details about making a submission.

How you can use PD Online

Property inquiry - View information about a property, including zoning, overlays and details of development applications (where applicable).

Map search - View a map of a property including its zoning and overlays (where applicable).

Redland City Plan - View the planning scheme.

Application inquiry - View information about development applications, including:

  • Building Development (from January 2014 onwards)
  • Building Work assessed against the Redlands Planning Scheme
  • Concurrence Agency Referral
  • Building/Hydraulics Application 
  • Material Change Of Use 
  • Operational Work
  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • Reconfiguring a Lot
  • Approval of Plan of Subdivision
  • Exemption Certificates.

Find out more about viewing development applications below.

How to use PD Online

Inquiring about a development application

  1. Select Application Inquiry.
  2. Read the disclaimer statement that appears. This statement includes Council’s Privacy Notice in respect to the use of PD Online. Click Agree if you wish to proceed.
  3. On the Application Search page, enter the application number and select it from the pre-populated results (do not simply press enter unless it is selected). Or, enter the property address in the Advanced Search section and click Search. You can use the Advanced Search section to search for a specific type of application, or applications made within a certain date range, or even specific lot and plan numbers.
  4. When the Advanced Search results display, click on the application that you wish to view.  The available information will then be displayed.
  5. On the Application Detail page, click on the Documents tab to display all published documents relating to this application.  
  6. Click on the PDF file icon next to the document you wish to view. The document will open in a new window. Close the window when finished.
  7. Note, you can also search for applications using the Property Inquiry search by entering the street address, clicking on the relevant search result and expanding the Applications section within the property details.

Starting a new search

  1. Click on the Application Inquiry or Property Inquiry tab at the top of the page.  This will take you back to the Application Inquiry or Property Enquiry page.
  2. Return to complete Steps 3 to 6 as above.

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