Bin collection FAQ's

What's my bin day?

Redland City Council now has an online tool to help remind you of your collection day.  Simply click on the link below; enter your suburb, street and house number and presto - you now have details of you waste and recycle collections for your property.

Find out when bins are collected on your street.

Frequency of collection

  • Waste bins are collected every week
  • Recycling bins are collected every two weeks
  • Greenwaste bins (mainland only) are collected every two weeks, on the alternate week to recycle bins
  • Bulk bins are collected on a timetable agreed between a body corporate and Redland City Council

Important tips for collection day

  • Place your bin on the kerbside before 6.00am on your collection day
    • Keep a 50cm gap between your bins so the collection truck can pick them up
    • Position your bins away from obstructions such as cars, power poles and trees
  • Ensure your bin is not too heavy – our trucks are unable to collect bins heavier than 70kg
  • Only put permitted items in your bins – see what goes in each bin
  • Try not to over-fill your bin, the lid must be fully closed
  • Don’t compact the waste in your bin as it may not empty into the truck
  • Grass clippings in the waste bin should be bagged otherwise they will swell and get stuck - do not bag grass clippings in your green waste bin.

Missed bin collection

If your bin has not been emptied on collection day, please contact Redland City Council within 24 hours:

Please note that we cannot provide a return collection if your bin:

  • was not on the kerb by 6.00am
  • contained non-permitted items
  • was heavier than 70kg
  • was too compacted to empty completely

Please avoid such situations for your next weekly collection.

You may also want to visit your local waste and recycling centre – residents must show photo ID with their address for free waste disposal.

Getting help with your bins.