Roadside vendors | Redland City Council

Roadside vendors

Roadside vending involves the commercial supply of goods or services on a road.

Council regulates roadside vendors to ensure these activities are carried out safely for road users and pedestrians. Roadside vending can involve travelling from place to place on a road and the waving down of the person operating the roadside vending by a customer (mobile roadside vending) or the activity being established in one place (stationary roadside vending). This approval does not apply to footpath dining activities (Toolbox).

Note: The Redland City Council and Queensland Government have declared that no sites in the Redlands are suitable for roadside vendors to operate in the Redlands. Vendors who fail to comply will be served with a compliance notice.

If vendors fail to comply with the notice, they may be issued with a Penality Infringement Notice for the offence.

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