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Opportunities for Non-Commercial Basic Camping Grounds

Across Australia, a preference for domestic travel in self-contained recreational vehicles (RVs) and caravans has seen a growing demand for low cost basic campgrounds with limited facilities. Basic campgrounds are for self-contained vehicles and do not provide communal shower or toilet facilities.

Basic camping grounds are in addition to commercial caravan parks or tourist parks that provide a full range of services.

In recognition of the significance of tourism to the economic and social development of the Redlands Coast, and the growing ‘drive tourism’ market, Council has taken a fresh look at how we can attract visitors to Redlands Coast. In response, Council is seeking to provide social enterprises, not-for-profits and community organisations with more information about basic campgrounds.

Social and economic benefits that come from well managed basic campgrounds include supporting local businesses, showcasing local attractions and providing alternative short term accommodation for festivals, sporting fixtures and cultural events.

There is no ‘one size fits all' approach to basic campgrounds, however they should be designed and managed to:

  • enhance visitor experience
  • maintain public health and safety
  • ensure environmental values are not compromised; and 
  • protect the amenity of neighbours.


What is a low cost basic campground?

Low cost basic campgrounds provide minimal facilities, on-site management, and are usually free or involve a small fee for cost recovery. Low cost basic campgrounds include some or all of the following characteristics:

  • a large site (generally 0.5ha – 1ha) with cleared areas for parking of RVs and caravans
  • strictly self-contained RVs and caravans (with their own power, toilets and showers), no tents
  • maximum stay of 3-5 nights
  • an on-site caretaker or host who oversees the facility
  • one site with access to power
  • wastewater dump point within 200m (depending on the length of stay)
  • tap, fencing or bollards

In accordance with State Government guidelines, basic campgrounds do not include permanent facilities, kiosks or communal facilities such as toilets or showers.

How do I establish a basic campground?

If your organisation or club has access to a site that meets the needs of self-contained travellers and has capacity to oversee or host the facility, you may be eligible to establish a low cost basic campground. You will need to consider the following matters:

  • public liability insurance
  • the costs of providing basic infrastructure (such as a dump point, , tap or single power outlet)
  • the visitor experience – a site may not be suitable if adjoining properties are noisy, busy or polluted.

What approvals are required?

  1. Development approval, unless the campground is considered a ‘temporary use’. This would depend on the specific details of the proposal, however a temporary campground is generally characterised by the factors outlined in the diagram below. If the basic campground is not deemed ‘temporary’, a development approval may be required.
  2. An approval under Subordinate Local Law No. 1.8 (Operation of Accommodation Parks) 2015.


Where is camping not supported?

Consistent with State Government guidelines (Draft Guide to Managing Caravanning, Camping and RVs, 2018), basic campgrounds are generally not supported:

  • where camping would impact adversely on wildlife
  • in places of special cultural or historic significance
  • in ‘endangered’ or ‘of concern’ regional ecosystems
  • on land that is too steep, contains fragile ground or vegetation cover, is exposed to pollution or has no capacity for on-site wastewater supply or satisfactory waste disposal
  • on land frequently impacted by natural hazards.

Does Council provide any RV and Caravan friendly parking areas for day use?

While there are no Council-run basic campgrounds, drive tourists are invited to park for the day and explore the delights of our city. You can view the suggested parking areas across Redlands Coast here.

Where are public dump points located?

At various locations across Redlands Coast. You can view the locations here.

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