Upcoming tenders and contracts

Forward Contracting Plan - 2020/2021 Financial Year

The Forward Contracting Plan details contracts in relation to major construction (works), goods and services, against which procurement activity is scheduled to occur during the 2020/2021 Financial Year.  Council may amend the Contracting Plan at any time before the end of the financial year to which the schedule relates.

Council, or its delegate, may elect to negotiate a contract extension period, or excerise an existing option to extend a contract rather than engaging the market to enter into a new contract; subject to contract performance, sound contracting principles, procurement and delegated authority procuredures.

Exceptions under s230, s231, s232, s234, s235 of the Local Government Regulation Qld 2012 (LGR2012) continue to apply to all new contract sourcing arrangements in accordance with the Council Budget, Procurement Policy, Contract Manual and related delegation instruments and procedures.

Administrative, business transactions and disposals not specifically identified in the Contracting Plan will continue in accordance with the Council Budget, Procurement Policy, Contract Manual and related delegation instruments and procedures.

Q1 = July, August, September; Q2 = October, November, December; Q3 = January, February, March; Q4 = April, May, June

Upcoming Tenders

Please note the lists below are an indication of where Council anticipates calling public tenders in the near future and reserves the right not to proceed with these activities until they are publicly released to the marketplace.

Please note there is no additional information available at this stage.  Refer to Council's “Current tenders” page for all tenders that are currently open to the marketplace. 

For further information visit Finding Current Tenders and Advice on Submitting Tenders

Note: All Redland City sites includes Mainland, North Stradbroke Island and Southern Moreton Bay Islands (comprising Russell, Karragarra, Lamb, Macleay and Coochiemudlo Islands)

Procurement Services Unit

Tender Title Tender Description Expected Release to Market                                   
Veterinary Services Veterinary Services to be undertaken offsite at the Contractors clinic as well as Council's onsite clinic at the Animal Shelter Q1 2021/2022
Fuel Reduction Zones & Grass Cutting on SMBI

Maintenance of fuel reduction zones on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands including:

  • grass cutting/trimming
  • tree trimming/removal
  • removal of tree ground debris
  • rubbish removal

Grass Cutting services to road reserves and other land as specified on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

Q1 2021/2022
Maintenance & Installation of Security Equipment

Services may include the following:

  • Routine scheduled maintenance
  • Emergency maintenance
  • General repairs
  • Suppy & installation of security equipment
Q3 2021/2022
Electrical Maintenance, Repairs, Installation & Data Cabling

Services may include the following:

  • General electrical repairs, maintenance, inspections & minor installations
  • Major electrical installations
  • Data cabling services
Q3 2021/2022
Supply & Delivery of Library Books & Related Material Supply of library books and related including books, audio books, DVD's, Music CD's, large print books, reading development materials Q3 2021/2022

Project Delivery Group - capital and major operational projects

Tender Description Expected
To be advised