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ASPIRE circular economy business platform

ASPIRE is an online marketplace through which participating organisations can trade items that may otherwise end up in landfill.

The user-friendly digital trading platform has been operating for five years in Victoria; matching those who have waste products to dispose of with those who can reuse, repair, remake and recycle the products.

Anything an organisation no longer wants or needs can be traded, from old carpet underlay, used office chairs and flat car batteries to animal waste.

Redland City Council – along with our neighbouring Gold Coast and Logan councils – is part of a free 12-month trial (the CCIQ ecoBiz ASPIRE Pilot) through which Redlands Coast business with fewer than 100 employees can join ASPIRE and start trading for free and businesses with more than 100 employees can join for a fee.

Please visit ASPIRE website for further information.

How ASPIRE can help businesses

Benefits for businesses include:

  • Free to join (for Redlands Coast businesses with fewer than 100 employees)
  • Waste disposal cost savings (including the State Government's Waste Disposal Levy)
  • Potential to trade waste and earn revenue
  • Diversion of renewable resources from landfill
  • Creation of new supply chains
  • CO2 emission savings.

Circular Economy: ASPIRE as a tool for business

How to access ASPIRE

Create a free account to join ASPIRE online marketplace;

Join now

Once your account has been activated you will receive an email with login details.

Case studies

Electronic waste finds a new home with local Melbourne recycler

Timber and pallet recycling, creating value from waste timber and pallets through recycling and re-use

Visit ASPIRE website for more case studies

For more information

Contact Council on 3829 9999 or email