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Redlands Coast Advocacy Plan

Redland City Council has developed a State Election Advocacy Plan that outlines priority projects and initiatives required for Redlands Coast.

Overview of Advocacy Plan priorities and projects

1. A connected community

  • duplication of the Cleveland rail line
  • full upgrade of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road corridor
  • delivery of Eastern Busway to Capalaba
  • the adoption of innovative transport solutions such as Autonomous Transport
  • upgrade of Rickertt/Green Camp Road between the Redlands and Brisbane
  • active transport infrastructure and end of trip facilities.
  • Better Internet connectivity
  • connecting key businesses in the region with internet fibre in Cleveland, Capalaba and Victoria Point.

2. Liveable neighbourhoods

  • a clearer, more prescriptive planning framework
  • a longer-term state infrastructure plan
  • removing the cap on how much Councils can charge developers for infrastructure so it is funded by industry, not ratepayers.
  • Redlands Coast Adventure Sport Precinct (Olympic standard canoe-kayak venue)
  • regional sports and recreation precinct
  • increased funding for social services – particularly homelessness, DFV and ageing services

3. Sustainable environment

  • electricity and water security for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands
  • support for Redlands Koala Conservation Strategy and local koala sanctuary/health facility
  • support for the Mosquito Management Action Plan 2019-2024 including financial support for annual monitoring and management.

4. Thriving economy

  • more planning and funding for North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) as it undergoes significant economic transition from sandmining
  • funding of critical upgrades to ferry terminals at Dunwich and One Mile
  • classification of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands as eligible for regional funding due to isolation and socio-economic challenges
  • support for a local hydrogen industry
  • funding for Redlands Coast tourism, including funding a marketing campaign and facilities
  • locating State Government offices on Redlands Coast
  • funding for a Redlands Coast Health and Wellness Precinct
  • State Government reimbursement of bulk water costs for concealed water leaks.

Read the full State Election Advocacy Plan.