Redland Libraries RFID Project

Self-service checkouts and returns arrived in March

Mainland branches have taken an exciting step into the future with a new checkout system that will replace current borrowing counters and allow you to easily and quickly checkout and return books yourself.

Island branches will also adopt the new technology but borrowing counters will remain for now.

About the technology - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID technology uses radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag that will be attached to library items.

The tags will replace the individual-scan barcodes used now and the technology incorporates:

  • New RFID readers that will allow you to checkout a stack of up to eight books at once.
  • New check-in book shelves that will allow you to return your books as you walk into the library so they'll immediately be available for others to borrow.
  • "Reference Pods" installed throughout the library so you can still access the system with library staff on the floor to help you with your needs.

RFID benefits

  • Easy and quick checkouts and returns
  • More items readily available for you to access
  • More public space for community use once borrowing counters are removed
  • Library staff will be on the floor to help you
  • Library staff available to help improve and deliver our community programs to you

RFID Project progress updates

  • Library staff have placed the new RFID tags on all items in the collection
  • Mainland branches have reopened after their week closure of refurbishments
  • Customers are asked to come along and experience the changes to the libaries
  • Our official opening event is Author in Action - Trent Dalton on Saturday 13th April 10am. Come along.

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