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Parking in Cleveland

Where to park

It’s important to know where you can park in Cleveland and for how long. 

For the latest Cleveland Centre Parking Plan updates please refer to our Cleveland Centre Parking Optimisation page.

Tips for parking in Cleveland

  • Ensure that you angle park rear to the kerb (as rear parking slows down traffic in busy centres and is safer for pedestrians).
  • Check the signs advising how long you can park.
  • Don’t park in loading zones, no stopping zones, motorcycle, pram and disabled spaces.
  • A single, solid, yellow line means 'NO STOPPING'.
  • Outside the Cleveland Central Business District (CBD), parking time is unlimited unless a sign indicates otherwise.

Types of parking

All-day parking and 12-hour parking

If you’re happy to walk a few extra minutes, you can find an all-day park or a car park for up to 12 hours rather than having to move your car several times during the day.

Twelve-hour parking areas are marked on the map in blue. A scale bar showing distances has been marked on the map to show you the distance.

Private off-street parking

Many businesses in Cleveland have designated off-street parking for customers and their staff. They usually display their terms of parking in these areas at the car park entrances. 

When you visit or make appointments to attend a business in Cleveland Centre, why not ask them if they have off street parking or if they can tell you where best to park.    

Council car parks

Redland City Council has a fleet of vehicles that park at the rear of the library building.

These car parks are marked with yellow paint, have ‘Council Vehicle Only’ signage and are marked on the map with the symbol P.

Parking fines

If you receive a parking fine, you have several options. Find out what to do if you get a parking fine.

Parking studies

Cleveland CBD Parking Study