History of Wellington Point

History of Wellington Point

Wellington Point - aerial view looking south, 1929; image courtesy of Redland Libraries Local History Collection 

The Quandamooka story

The Koobenpul people included the Wellington Point area in their traditional land. Along Hilliards Creek there are still canoe trees and a bora ring remaining from pre-settlement days. 

Behind the name

Wellington Point was named by a surveyor in 1842, inspired by the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 where the Duke of Wellington led the British against Napoleon. The same surveyor also named Waterloo Bay and King Island. 

When Europeans arrived

The first European settlers began arriving in Wellington Point in the mid-1860s. Many were interested in growing sugarcane but this was slowly replaced with fruit and vegetable farming when cane proved unsuitable. Other settlers arrived to collect timber or to set up sawmills. 

In the mid-1880s, a railway line was built from Brisbane to Cleveland, passing through Wellington Point and making the area popular as a seaside destination. Many of the oldest houses on the end of Wellington Point were holiday houses or weekenders built by people who lived in Brisbane. 

Some people moved to Wellington Point and commuted to work in Brisbane. Fishermen also lived on the end of Wellington Point. 

The reserve at the end of Wellington Point was also a popular camping ground from the 1890s until it closed in 1974. Some families came every year for their summer holiday. The reserve had a swimming enclosure, a jetty and a kiosk. 

Like most of the Redlands, most people living in Wellington Point were farmers, with residential estates growing once town water arrived in 1969. 

When was it?

  • Wellington Point State School opened in May 1887.
  • A Methodist Church was established in Wellington Point in 1888.
  • The first Wellington Point Hotel was built about 1888. It was demolished in 1972 and a new hotel was built.
  • Whepstead Manor was built in 1889 by Gilbert Burnett, who lived there with his family for about two years. The house was originally called Fernbourne. It was renamed Whepstead about 1900.
  • Wellington Point High School and Redlands College opened in January 1988.

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