Redlands Coast - Naturally Wonderful

Redlands Coast

Welcome (Yura) to the naturally wonderful Redlands Coast.

Home to the crystal blue waters of southern Moreton Bay, which teems with an abundance of marine life, approximately 335km of coastline, beautiful hinterland and coastal villages – each with its own personality – a strong heritage, the oldest living culture on Earth, island gems just a short hop from Brisbane and so much more, Redlands Coast is an enviable destination for business and tourism alike.

An exhaustive consultation process led to the delivery of the Redlands Coast brand – it was one of the largest in Australia run by a local government for a place brand, with about 5000 residents, business owners and visitors contributing to its development.

Great potential rests in this new and authentic place brand – Redlands Coast – to enhance community pride and to drive growth in tourism as well as business investment.

Redlands Coast is proudly stepping onto the world stage and speaking boldly of all the rhythm and opportunity that flows so easily here.

The new place brand is for marketing purposes and does not replace the Redland City Council logo and does not change the official name of the city.

Redlands Coast – Naturally Wonderful.