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Security at home

Tips for securing your home

To secure your home and reduce the possibility of a break and enter: 

  • close and secure windows
  • use triple-locks on doors and don’t leave a key in screens
  • never 'hide' a key outside your home
  • fit a viewer on solid doors - don't let strangers enter your home
  • when people approach your door, check identification
  • report suspicious salespeople to the Office of Fair Trading
  • trim shrubs and trees around doors and windows
  • install sensor lights in external areas
  • lock tools away and secure wheelie bins
  • clear your garden of tools, ladders and bricks which could be used to break in
  • have your valuables engraved and photographed by the police
  • when you are home, secure the sections of your house that you aren't using
  • keep some lights on and a radio/television playing when you are out
  • keep any valuables out of sight
  • never leave a note on your door that suggests you aren't home
  • make sure your house number is visible from the street (for emergency services)
  • get to know your neighbours - they are your best and cheapest form of security
  • join Neighbourhood Watch
  • balance security with your need for home fire safety and quality of life. 

During the holiday season

To secure your home when you're away on holiday:

  • tell a trusted friend or neighbour about your holiday plans and leave your contact details
  • make it look like you're home - cancel deliveries, leave lights on timers and ask a neighbour to collect your mail and bring in rubbish bins
  • never leave a message on your answering machine telling people you’re away on holiday
  • take car keys with you or give them to someone you trust - don't leave them at home if your car is close by.

Get involved in neighbourhood safety

Join the Neighbourhood Watch program to meet with your neighbours to help improve the safety of your local neighbourhood. For more information contact the Wynnum Crime Prevention Office.

Stay up to date

Check and subscribe to the myPolice Wynnum blog to keep up to date with current crime trends, police strategies and activities.

Help and support

If you have concerns about the security of your home or surrounds, phone Council's Community Safety Officer on 3829 8999 or contact your local police station.