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Redlands Coast Young Legends Awards

Young people aged 12-24 comprise 16.2 per cent of the city’s population and many make significant contributions to their local communities. The Redlands Coast Young Legends Awards recognises the contribution of our youth who volunteer and undertake community service. 

Congratulations to all winners and finalists. 

Redlands Coast Young Legends 2022:

Winners: Young Carer Award

Daniel Lalor, Georgia and Hana Freemantle

Daniel, Georgia and Hana are truly inspiring. They have dedicated much of their childhoods to caring for their family members whilst striving to stay engaged in work and school.

Daniel supports his dad and family by doing all the heaving lifting, mowing the lawn, yard care, some cooking, bring in the shopping, hanging out the washing and anything that his dad might need.

Georgia and Hana put their caring role before themselves and will do anything to help their family, providing most of the emotional support at such young ages.

With around 2.65 million unpaid carers across Australia, Daniel, Georgia and Hana’s stories highlight the personal commitment to making a difference from with the realms of family.


Winner: Young Community Commitment Award

Josephine Beqiri

Josephine is highly involved in volunteering, displaying wonderful community spirit through Surf Lifesaving and Touch Football. Josephine has been involved with the Point Lookout Surf Club since Nippers and has been actively patrolling for the last three years. She coaches Nippers at the club and assists with water safety. She is a talented first-aider and won a Bronze Medal for U17 Surf Rescue (First Aid) at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships earlier this year. Always ready to help, Josephine put her training into action and was lauded in the local paper when she assisted a boy who was injured while tubing on Somerset Dam. Josephine also helps at Redlands Touch Football, where she mentors younger players and coaches. Josephine engages in this selfless work while also completing Year 12 and displaying excellent academic results.

Winner: Young Creative Award

Brennan Beattie

Brennan is a young creative legend that has applied herself whole-heartedly and dedicated endless hours to the creative arts industry, including drama, music and dance. This commitment has allowed her to inspire and mentor younger people in her own time and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a performing artist. Brennan volunteers at the Drama Hub, where she helps teach young children and teenagers the skill of drama and inspires them to follow their passion for acting, just like she has. She was also successful in securing a place at the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC) in 2023 to study a Bachelor of Acting, where she will be given the opportunity to perfect her acting skills and pursue a career that she has dedicated her young life to.

Winner: Young Eco Champion Award

Layne Utz

Layne is an amazing community leader who leads by example. Each week, Layne from Litter Legends coordinates litter clean-ups with a group of volunteers, loads the rubbish and illegal dumping into a trailer then dedicates hours of his time moving the rubbish to the dump, as well as documenting it for statistical purposes. One of the biggest challenges Layne overcame was clearing the illegal dumping that ranges from large heavy concrete pieces through to large furniture items. No item is left, no matter how difficult or unpleasant it might be to remove. Layne’s impact has created a positive ripple effect in our community. With regular posts on social media, he creates awareness and the importance of community spirit.

Winner: Young Innovator Award

Cienna McLean

Cienna’s academic ability and innate curiosity speak to her outstanding potential as a future innovator in the field of STEM. Her interest in science has led her to be a UQ Science Ambassador in Year 11, and she has subsequently taken to her leadership role as a school captain of Wellington Point State High School with enthusiasm and determination. As a UQ Science Ambassador, Cienna developed programs such as a peer support program for biology to mentor her fellow students. Cienna’s achievements are so highly regarded that her assessments are now used by the QCAA Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Cienna’s determination and commitment demonstrate her strengths as a role model and valued member of the school and local community. Innovation requires intelligence, creativity, and a passion. Cienna readily shares this with others and is an outstanding role model.

Winner: Young Sports Leader Award

Emma Clacy

Emma volunteers in teaching Physical Culture (Physie: a dance sport) that empowers young women. She is a fabulous role model who also helps to create a sense of community. She contributes six hours of her time each week week. Emma has assisted in teaching Physie to students aged two to 12 years. Emma attends twice a week for three hours, volunteering her time to the students. Emma takes additional time out of her week to learn the syllabus, so she can go back to class and assist the teacher. Emma is juggling these volunteering responsibilities while also attending Year 11 at TAFE and working part-time. Having Emma around each week to assist means that students have more opportunities to boost their physical and mental health by participating in physical activity. Emma is a role model to the students, teaching crucial values and social skills. She empowers the students with her teaching and helps unite the students, resulting in the formation of a Physie community in Birkdale.

Winner: Junior Legend of the Year Award

Zara Price

Zara desires to help homeless animals find new homes. On Zara’s birthday, she asked for a present of giving a rescue pet a new home. Zara asked friends and family to support her to help rehome an animal. Zara has given up her comfortable bed in the house and is sleeping outside in the swag, with Chase (her dog) joining her. Zara has been sleeping in her swag for nine months now and has more than $5,000 pledged to her cause. She has slept outside rain, hail and shine, only sleeping inside when our backyard flooded and when she was very unwell. She is committed to this cause of saving as many homeless pets as possible. She was also seriously concerned about the amount of rubbish being generated in her school and began encouraging her school friends to have non-plastic lunchboxes. She established and ran this program by herself for a whole year until other students joined her. The school now has a group of Eco-Warriors encouraging a variety of environmental measures.

Winner: Young Legend of the Year Award

Emma Clacy

Emma was selected as the winner by the Redlands Coast Young Legends Awards Panel. 


Nominations for 2022 are now closed.


  • Junior Legend of the year (8-12 years)
  • Young Community Spirit (13-24 years)
  • Young Eco Champion (13-24 years)
  • Young Sports Leader (13-24 years)
  • Young Innovator (13-24 years)
  • Young Creative (13-24 years)
  • Young Carer (13-24 years)

The Young Legend of the Year (overall winner) will be selected from the 2022 finalists.


To be eligible for a Young Legends Award the young person must meet the following criteria at the time of nomination;

  • Group nominations are not accepted
  • Junior Young Legend:  8 - 12 years
  • All other categories:  13 - 24 years
  • Nominations can be from third parties, e.g., schools, sporting clubs, volunteer groups
  • Nominations from family members will only be accepted if supporting documentation from an independent third party, e.g. community/sporting group or school, is provided
  • Achievement/contribution between January 2022 to September 2022
  • Redland City resident
  • Activity to have taken place with Redland City
  • Evidence of volunteerism/activity to be provided
  • Must not be paid work/activity
  • Nominees can be entered into a maximum of two categories
  • Consent from parent/guardian to be provided
  • Media consent to be provided (media consent form will be provided to shortlisted finalists)