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Application to Address Council Meeting

Please complete this form to apply to address a Council meeting. You can read about Council meetings and asking Council a question.

Conditions: POL-3127 (Council Meeting Standing Orders)

Section 31 Public participation at meetings:

(1)     In each meeting (other than special meetings), a period of 15 minutes may be made available by resolution to permit members of the public to address the local government on matters of public interest relating to the local government. This period may be extended by resolution.

(2)     Priority will be given to members of the public who make written application to the CEO no later than 4.30pm two days before the meeting. A request may also be made to the chairperson, when invited to do so, at the commencement of the public participation period of the meeting.

(3)     The time allocated to each speaker shall be a maximum of five minutes.  The chairperson, at his/her discretion, has authority to withdraw the approval to address Council before the time period has elapsed.

(4)     The Chairperson will consider each application on its merits and may consider any relevant matter in his/her decision to allow or disallow a person to address the local government, e.g.

(a)      Whether the subject matter is of public interest;

(b)      The number of people who wish to address the meeting about the same subject;

(c)      The number of times that the person, or anyone else, has addressed the local government previously about the matter;

(d)      The person’s behaviour at that or a previous meeting; and

(e)      If the person has made a written application to address the meeting.

(5)     Any person invited to address the meeting must:

(a)   State their name and suburb, or organisation they represent and the subject they wish to speak about;

(b)   Stand (unless unable to do so);

(c)   Act and speak with decorum;

(d)   Be respectful and courteous; and

(e)   Make no comments directed at any individual Council employee, councillor or member of the public ensuring that all comments relate to Council as a whole.

Section 32 Public conduct at meetings:

(1)   All members of the public present at a meeting must:

(a)   Not, without the prior approval of the chairperson, make any audio or video recording, or take any photographs;

(b)   Remain quiet and not disrupt the meeting in any way;

(c)   Not bring into the meeting any signs, placards or items that may cause a hazard, or interfere with any person present;

(d)   Be suitably dressed; and

(e)   Turn all mobile devices to silent mode and leave the meeting to take any calls.

(2)   The Chairperson may warn a member of the public present at a meeting who is not complying with any of these requirements and may, with or without such warning, require the person to leave the meeting and not return for such period as the chairperson decides.  This period may include future meetings.


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Before submitting an application to address a Council Meeting, we ask that you first read and agree to the conditions outlined above. *
Before submitting an application to address a Council Meeting, we ask that you first read and agree to the conditions outlined above.

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